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ROLINE 21.17.3066 :: ROLINE Junction Box, Cat. 6, UTP

Код: 21.17.3066
ROLINE 21.17.3066 :: ROLINE Junction Box, Cat. 6, UTP


  • Производител: ROLINE
  • Тегло: 0.100 кг
Цена: 10.42 лв.
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  • The ROLINE Junction box is used to repair or extend unshielded Cat.6 cables
  • With this box all 4 or 8 wired installation cables with AWG24 and with an outside diameter from 4mm can be installed
  • Equipped with the modern LSA connection technology, all cables in accordance with EIA/TIA 568A or 568B can be easily installed
  • Схема на кабелите: Krone LSAplus
  • Асоцииране: EIA/TIA 568B
  • Cabinet система: not applicable
  • Цвят: white
  • Посока на свързване: Straight
  • Удобство за пренасяне: No
  • Modular assembly: not applicable
  • Продуктова група: Connection technology TP
  • Отделно strain relief захващащо у-во: No
  • Shield contacts: No
  • Тип на екранировката: Not screened
  • Качество на трансфера: Cat. 6 / Class E
  • Монтаж на стена: not applicable